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Authorities Raid Picnic In Nevada – Force Chef To Pour Bleach On Good Food

November 10, 2011


State authoritarians recently raided a picnic at an organic farm after State health authorities were informed that the farm was hosting a picnic without their permission.  The raid took place at the Quail Hollow Farm,  operated by Laura and Monty Bledsoe, which is a type of Community Supported Agricultural farm.

CSA farms basically bypass retail markets and sell their goods directly to consumers by using a “membership” type model, such as Costco employs.   Obviously such a model means consumers get incredibly fresh, cheap organic produce because the food bypasses the major food processing plants and their associated distribution chains.  It also means that the farm operates as a type of private club, which is generally subject to different rules than a public retail outlet.

The Quail Hollow Farm hosted a “farm to fork” event, where the public could come and sample the fresh organic meat and produce that the farm produced.  The farm had hired a professional chef and a professional catering kitchen truck to prepare and serve their food to their guests.  However, the farm made one critical mistake in its preparations for this event; they forgot that everyone must ask permission from the State before they can engage in any kind of commerce.

Once State authoritarians learned that the farm was hosting a picnic without their permission, they descended like flies upon a dying carcass.  The authoritarians demanded the farm purchase permission from them to host the event or face an enormous fine; which the farm agreed to do.  But clearly, this just wasn’t good enough for the authoritarians.

After purchasing permission to host the event from the Nevada Health District, the farm was told that the permit would be delivered by a health inspector on the day of the event.  So the farm went about preparing for the event as it normally would, fully expecting to be issued a permit on the day of the picnic.  Well it turns out that Mary G. Oakes, the health inspector for the event, didn’t show up until their guests were arriving!

By the time the inspector showed up, the farm had already begun preparation of the food for the event.  This threw the inspector into an authoritarian rage, who began yelling “NOTHING TAKES PLACE UNTIL YOU HAVE MY PERMISSION!”  When the farmers asked why they couldn’t continue preparing food as the inspection was underway, the inspector simply stamped her feet and said “because I said so.” – no valid reason was ever provided.

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