Conference Call Notes – July 24, 2011

Conference Call Resources:

Why I’m Putting All My Savings Into Bitcoin:

Bitcoin is the Economic Singularity:

Man From the Future Shares His Story:

Privacy and the Digital Revolution (.pdf file) – recommended shows: 5, 11, 12, 15, 19, 26, 35, 42, 43, 44,

As the Authoritarian State Expands, Learn to Talk in Code

My Philosophy of Liberty

Invisible Offshore Corporations, Trusts & Foundations


Traditionally, LLC’s, Limited Partnerships and Corporations have been the primary tools for protection and capital accumulation for entrepreneurs. These protection benefits have been provided by nation states within their respective jurisdictions and with reciprocity between these nation states.

Now cyberspace has become the ultimate offshore jurisdiction – complete with its own rules, laws and protection services. The tools of cyberspace have matured to the point that they can now enable you to provide for your own protection through privacy and anonymity.

The Dawn of the Cyber Company

These new structures known as “Cyber Companies” are not registered nor are they recorded in any physical jurisdiction. They exist solely in cyberspace by their declaration and use.

Rather than relying on protection by any government, the Cyber Company gains its protection through its methods of operation. Using anonymous hosting, anonymous communications, and anonymous crypto-currencies, these Cyber Companies can now provide for their own protection.

These Cyber Companies are perfect for

  • Stateless Persons
  • Digital Nomads
  • Mobile Entrepreneurs
  • Perpetual Travelers
  • Persecuted Minorities
  • Global Citizens
  • Publishers
  • Writers
  • Consultants
  • Musicians & other artists

Here is a fascinating Case Study of a Cyber Company and it’s subsequent downfall:

Silk Road: The Underground Website Where You Can Buy Any Drug Imaginable

Silk Road fell due to a catalogue of errors

Tracking the Silk Road – Lessons for darknet services

A virtual corporation can be owned by a virtual foundation or virtual trust. You can join a discussion in our Members Forum for ideas. Please read the following essays for important insight and historical background:

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Financing the Revolution