Tool Kit

Asset Protection Tool Kit


The Asset Protection Tool Kit includes:


Members Area access for one year which includes:

Anonymous web-surfing software

Encrypted Email Account

Data encryption software

Encrypted Chat software for your computer and phone

Encrypted voice & video service


Access to our “PT” Perpetual Traveler “living free” e-book library

FREE copy of the e-book BITCOIN – What It Is and Why It Matters

SPECIAL REPORT: How the Rich Go Offshore

SPECIAL REPORT: How To Protect Your Electronic Data While Crossing Borders


Access to our Member’s Area and Forum where you can learn the latest Tips and Techniques from other members

Access to our Mega-Library of Privacy & Asset Protection Resources, Tools & Strategies

Insider Secrets not available to the public

Special Discounts on Asset Protection & Privacy Tools

Everything you need to become a “PhD” in Privacy & Asset Protection so you can live a freer, happier, and richer life

You will learn how people like you…

Become Invisible and Hold Assets Anonymously

Enjoy Banking Alternatives that Respect their Privacy

Become “judgment proof” and beyond the reach of creditors

Communicate securely using simple, High-Grade Encryption Tools

Encrypt computer data for maximum privacy

Surf the web anonymously From Their Cell Phone and Computer

Legally slash their tax bill

Profit from inflation

Establish and leverage the Ultimate Offshore Structure for FREE

Legally “print” their own money

Use Invisible New Mexico LLC’s for private ownership of assets

Take control of their IRA investments with the IRA LLC Guide

Only $200
FREE when you order the Invisible New Mexico LLC or Shelf Company

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BONUS REPORT #1: BARTER TYCOON – How To Trade Your Way To Financial Independence

BONUS #2: FREE e-book: Boundaries of Order – Private Property as a Social System – by Butler Schaffer

BONUS #3: FREE e-book:  The Philosophy of Ownership – by Robert LeFevre

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